Reusable Stove Burner Covers | Set of 2


Product Description

SAVE TIME IN THE KITCHEN - Stop spending hours on cleaning up! The addition of the Gas Range Liners will prevent spill-over food from gluing to the stovetop and cut cleanup time in half!

KEEP CLEAN - The PTFE Teflon coated material is perfect to absorb splatters and spills on the stove top so easy to wipe them off. Keep your stove and kitchen clean and neat.

FLEXIBLE BE CUT - One Size can fit most style of stoves. Before using, just remove your burner grate, mark it over your protector sheet, fold the burner covers then cut.

NON-STICK & REUSABLE - Simply wipe off with soapy water to use over and over again! Don’t buy those wasteful, ugly aluminum stove liners to just throw away immediately! Dishwasher safe!