Personal Alarms Bell Safety Mini Loud Keychain


Product Description

Personal Self Defense Supplies Panic Alarm Anti-Attack 120DB Easiest design Portable Keyring Personal Alarm for Kids and Girls and Women
Pls Note:We have black/blue/pink/purple/yellow 5colors.Pls leave a message to tell us the color you want,or we will send the color randomly.


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*Used safety spotlight in dark area.
*Sound Frequency:About 120dB
*Weight: 42g
*Material: ABS
*Powered by a 23A 12V battery. (included).
*Size: About 6.1 x 4.2 x 2cm, (2.4" x 1.65" x 0.78").
*Usage: Pull out alarm rope and it will ring
*100% brand new.
*Small size and light-weight easy to carry
*Clip to your handbag, backpack or use as a keyring to your wallet\'s zipper,cellphone\'s strap.
* Perfect for students, joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers, people who live alone.
*When you feel you are in danger, just pull the metal pin and it will emit a 120 db sound that will deter your attacker
*the sound will also give warning to others around you that you are in danger
Package includes:
1 x Egg Shaped Personal Security Alarm
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