Microfiber Windshield Wand


Product Description

This windshield cleaning wiper helps you cut your time and clean cost in half. It buffs and shines glass while removing dirt, dust and pesky fingerprints. Its handle is ergonomically angled to help relieve stress on arms and the notches at end ensure firm grip while cleaning. With the 360 degree rotation capability of pivoting pad, it reaches tough spots easily.

Easily removes dirt, dust, and pesky fingerprints
Ergonomically designed stress-relieving handle that has 4 notches at end to help firm grip
Pivoting pad allows 360 degree rotation for easy use at whatever angles
Soft microfiber bonnet can be easily wrapped on the pad or removed for wash
Handle can be disassembled into halves for storage
Includes an extra soft microfiber bonnet for replacement
Includes a water sprayer
Good for all size cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs