Essential Oil Anti-Mosquito Stickers


Product Description

This is a parent must have product!! We used these everywhere by the pool, at the park or even a walk around the block . Put a sticker on everyone and not one bite!!! Not to mention no more harmful bug sprays!

The special adhesive allows you to stick them on a piece of clothing or a location near the body, such as trousers, socks, sneakers, shirts, hoodie sweatshirts or even at the edge of a table, on a chair or stroller. I used 2 on me because I HATE those mosquitoes! They are super easy to apply and they stay stuck! Now you can focus on your family and guests and not the bugs and the PESTS!

Ingredients: Natural citronella essential oil + Non-woven Fabric - Effective mosquito repellent, convenient, safe, healthy, non-toxic, no side effects!!

Colors will be sent at random.

Sticks on Clothing
No more messy sprays or lotions
Natural Essential Oils
Outdoors, concerts, travel, camping