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Welcome to the 2 Girls 1 Shop Blog!

As busy moms on the go, the team at 2 Girls 1 Shop understands just how hectic it is to care for your family and your home day-in and day-out; we’re busy moms as well as entrepreneurs! The crazy lives of busy moms, something we experience first-hand, is the reason we started our online shop to begin with. We wanted to create a one-stop-shop with everything you could want for yourself and your family, centrally located in one online shop to make things easier for you. We also know you don’t have a lot of time to yourself. By shopping 2 Girls 1 Shop, you can pick up what you need for yourself, your kids, and even fun accessories for baby all on the same easy website.

Our Philosophy

At 2 Girls 1 Shop, we’re busy moms just like you, so we understand the crazy schedules you face on a daily basis. We want to ease one of your errands and take the hassle out of shopping by providing you with fun, convenient, and affordable online finds for the whole family. If baby is teething, give him/her relief and do so with a fun banana-shaped teething toy! Plan a birthday party for your daughter and fill goody bags for all her friends with girl’s hair accessories from our grab bag selection to save some money. We offer everything from interesting gifts for the kids to fashion jewelry for women. And, to make things even easier on you, we offer $1.99 shipping every day!

Stay In-The-Know

One of the things many moms hear from their kids is that we don’t know what’s cool anymore. Well, that’s why we have the 2 Girls 1 Shop blog! We know how busy you are, so we’ll collect the latest upcoming trends, compile lists of good stocking stuffers, and lists of must-have accessories like laptop gadgets to make your life as a mom easier! Be sure to check back on our blog regularly to stay up on the latest women’s fashion trends and what kids think is “cool” these days.

Featured Products

In order to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends of the world and find fun goodies, the team at 2 Girls 1 Shop are constantly on the hunt, nationally and internationally, for the best products, from jeggings to tangle-free hairbrushes. A great deal can be just as exciting as finding that makes-your-life-easier product; as we find unusual gifts for kids, the best fashion jewelry, or cool novelty products, we’ll feature them on our home page. Be sure to check back often, as we regularly run deals, like our current Teething Event (which features fashionable teething necklaces so you’ll look put-together and can easily soothe baby’s sore gums).

We’re constantly on the lookout for what’s new and trendy to keep you and your kids fashion-forward while having fun and saving money. Get that hair-tie-holding bangle before any of your friends. Or, help baby’s motor skills by giving him/her a sippy cup that looks like our favorite mermaid-logoed coffee joint. Shop 2 Girls 1 Shop for interesting gifts for the whole family today!

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