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Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love, and one of the most common ways to express this with your family is to plan for plenty of fun for the holiday! If your children are school-aged, you’re probably already gearing up with ideas about getting pre-made valentine cards and treats to go with them, or the supplies to get crafty and DIY your own. In addition, you can’t forget the shoe boxes or reusable mailing boxes so your kids can all make their own valentine treat collecting mailboxes for home or school. Then, of course, holiday appropriate clothes and accessories really help to really set the festive mood. As with nearly any holiday, especially if you have school-aged kids, there’s a lot of build up as the day approaches. With a bit of planning, and help from 2 Girls 1 Shop, you can get your kids ready to celebrate and have time to plan something nice for yourself too!

Get Organized

Before you dive head first into Valentine’s Day shopping and crafting, the easiest way to get all of your preparations done quickly and easily is to make a list or two. A bit of organization before you get going will not only streamline the process of crafting and shopping, it will help you see a clear snapshot of what needs doing so you can do everything you want without scrambling to finish the night before! No matter which holiday or big event you’re helping your kids plan for, organizing your ideas will go a long way. In essence, your list should cover what needs to be done and what you’ll need to do each item. This may mean one list with sub-points for everything or a separate list for every different project. For example, planning for Valentine’s Day will probably include treats and boxes for each kid, a festive outfit or maybe hair styling accessories, fun dinner plans, and a way to celebrate with your other half.

Don’t Forget the Reason We Celebrate

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your love with those dear to you, so it can be more fun and more meaningful to get your family involved in Valentine’s Day plans. Maybe this means having your kids help make treats to share with their classmates or helping plan a dinner that involves everyone in the family’s favorite foods. The little holiday traditions you create now are a great way to share your love with your kids and the memories will stay with them forever. Want to start the day off right for every member of your family? Find a fun little toy, game, or treat to set at everyone’s plates before they come down for breakfast. Even a little surprise will have a big impact when your family isn’t expecting it!

Focus on Building Memories

Building up little traditions now are a great way to create lifelong memories so that, twenty years from now when Valentine’s Day rolls around, your kids will think about these memories and remember your love for them. However you do this is up to you, but we suggest at least a few things that carry over the same way year after year. Those repeated memories don’t even have to be big. Maybe it means you find matching hair accessories for women and kids, so you and your daughter can match every Valentine’s Day, or maybe it means sharing a specific treat with your son every year. Our grab bag items mean you can find fun toys to go with every valentine your kids hand out, instead of sugary treats.

Share the Fun

At 2 Girls 1 Shop, we make it easy to find just the right toys, clothes, and even hair accessories online, so you can take care of all of your Valentine’s Day shopping in one place. Check out our jewelry options and hair accessories for kids and women, if you want to have that special matching accessory. Then find yourself a little something extra, like a new fashion top or a sweet lip scrub for a night out with your other half. Shop 2 Girls 1 Shop for everything from makeup and women’s fashion to awesome toys and hair accessories online now!

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