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Teething Tricks: Ice Cubes, Necklaces, and More!

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Any parent can tell you that teething is one of the hardest parts of infancy. First comes excessive drooling, but it’s a mild enough warning that it can be easy to miss. Then comes grabbing at their ears and rubbing at their face irritably and, by then, you know your baby’s gums are starting to really bother them. By the time your baby is either turning away from food or trying to gnaw on everything in sight and their previously happy disposition hasn’t been seen in days, the teething process is well underway. The hardest part is knowing your baby is feeling awful and, unfortunately, not knowing how to best help them. At 2 Girls 1 Shop, we are parents and we’ve been where you are, which means we’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Read on to see our tips to help soothe your baby’s teething discomfort and even a few ideas for looking fabulous while you do!

Cooling Inflammation

One of the most common ways to soothe the pain from teething is to rely on cool items to reduce gum inflammation. For easy at-home remedies, you can wrap ice in a clean washcloth and give that to your baby to chew on. The pressure will massage their gums and the cold will help soothe and reduce that pain-causing inflammation; however, don’t give your baby ice cubes without that wrapping, because ice cubes on their own pose a choking hazard. If your baby is eating solid foods, you can also chill fruit like banana or melon in a mesh teething bag - but be sure the fruit is cold but not frozen so you don’t damage baby’s gums unintentionally.

Giving a Gum Massage

Pressure and gentle texture can be another great way to soothe your baby’s sore gums. Many parents find that teething-specific toys, like a hard rubber elephant or a teething giraffe, provide enough of a firm texture to soothe those sore gums. Most teething toys are made to be chilled (but again, not frozen) to provide a gum massage and inflammation reduction. Often, just pressure is enough to soothe the pain and calm your baby, so try a gentle gum massage with a clean pinky finger if nothing else seems to be working.


Fashion Forward Relief

For busy moms on the go, 2 Girls 1 Shop carries a range of fashion jewelry for women that doubles as teething products for your baby! This trendy fashion jewelry comes in a plethora of fun colors and bead styles so you can find just the right option to go with your favorite outfits and help your baby through teething-time. Our baby teething fashion jewelry for women comes in 3 Bead, 7 Bead, and Multi-bead options; choose a neutral color to match everything or pick a bright necklace to add a pop of color to any outfit! These necklaces can handle being chilled in the fridge and are a hard rubber that will provide relief and can be easily cleaned as often as necessary.

If you’re looking for ways to help your baby through teething, shop 2 Girls 1 Shop online for our selection of teething-specific fashion jewelry for women today!

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