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Playdate Ideas for Rainy Days

When the clouds roll in and it starts pouring outside, your kids probably start climbing the walls in boredom. Instead of turning on a movie and watching them tune out for a few hours, encourage play, spark their imaginations, and engage your kids’ minds! If you live somewhere especially rainy (or snowy) and you need some new rainy day ideas that don’t involve the TV, try a few of these! Host a Tea Party A plastic or durable ceramic mini tea set may not be the most exciting when compared to a noise-making light-up electronic device, but it is an integral part of childhood for so many girls across the nation, even though it lacks high-tech gadgetry like cool novelty...

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Rewards for Chores: Good for Your Kid?

Whether you’re the parent of one, three, or eighteen, it may feel like the mess in your home multiples exponentially rather than simply adding up. Every jacket dropped in the entryway (just below the coat hooks) and every toy or book left lying in the living room takes on a life of its own and somehow magnetically attracts another dozen bits and bobs. It can often feel impossible to keep the house clean, get errands run, make nutritious home cooked meals, and fit in full days at work or school. For many parents, especially as your kids get old enough to start taking on a bit of responsibility, a chore chart or reward chart can be a great way to...

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Choosing the Best Teether for Your Baby

When your baby’s gums are sore and the drool levels amplify, you know teeth are coming. Unfortunately, this often means a runny nose, an ear ache, and a lot of discomfort for your child, which means more sleepless nights and fraught days. It’s a generally unpleasant time because there is only so much you can do to soothe that pain. So what do you do? For many parents, teething time means learning baby gum massage techniques, frantic online searches for solutions, and stashing teething toys in every bag and room in the house. But, when it comes to teething toys and aids, how do you know which are the best teethers and which will soothe your baby effectively? Trial and...

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